Jayjock Associates, LLC: Experience and Understanding

Jayjock Associates, LLC was founded in 2011 by Michael Jayjock.  You can view our guiding principles by clickng on the "Principles" link to the left. 


Dr. Jayjock subcontracts appropriately skilled colleagues to assist in his analyses especially for the purpose of peer review.  He is also experienced and open to collaboration with other professionals in the realm of human health risk assessment.  Previous and concurrent with his work in this LLC, Mike has provided and continues to proform analyses for a number of clients as a subcontractor to The LifeLine Group and LINEA, Inc since 2004.  For over 15 years before 2004 Mike did risk assessments as a Technical and Research Fellow at the Rohm and Haas Company.  A list of the clients he has served is provided here: clients

Our Services

We provide a broad-base of services within the realm of assessing the risk of chemicals to human health. Our specialty is the estimation of previous, present and future human exposure from chemical emission and contact.  This is combined with the available toxicological information to estimate risk.  We are also skilled in the somewhat specific area of C,t Probit analysis for the estimation of lethality from exposures of less than 1 hour. See an overview and the elements of our services.


An overview of Dr. Jayjock's education, experience and other qualifications

Almost all of the publications listed within the CV are available as electronic copies.   If you would like a copy please email:  mjayjock@gmail.com  with a request.,

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