Human Health Risk Assessment

Estimation of human health risk (RA) from exposure to substances occurring during normal human contact

I have over 25 years’ experience in determining human health exposure assessment (EA) or risk assessment (RA) from exposure to chemical and physical agents. Risk assessment (RA) comes from the integration of exposure assessment (EA) and information on the inherent toxicity of the substance (TOX).  

                                                 RA = f (EA) (TOX)

  • Comparison of estimated exposure (EXP) to exposure limits (EL) to render a hazard index or HI = EXP/EL for the exposures under consideration.
  • Estimation of a working exposure limit (EL) based on available toxicological information.
  • Estimation of human dose response function for comparison to the estimated exposure (EXP) to render a quantitative estimation of risk (i.e., probability of an individual response or proportion of exposed population responding).


Our services at a glance:

  • Estimate past, present and potential future exposure potential to chemicals of interest
  • Use existing data to estimate the risk potential as a function of exposure to these chemicals
  • Integrate the above information into a human health risk assessment

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